The MVP end-to-end design for car service application tailored for company car fleets

The Idea

Create an MVP end-to-end design for a scheduling car service application tailored for company car fleets needs, under an industry-specific search engine for services distributed by Glowee.

The application should be available for Glowee partners and new individual “shops”.

High-level concept

Design the mobile app interface allows to:

Main use cases:

  • Book a service at any partner in the Glowee network.
  • Handle payments for individual customers, and subscription deals for the company fleets.
  • Simple overview for fleet or company managers.


Glowee is a new brand for one of its country-wide corporate fleets cars services. As they handle the contracts mostly by outsourcing them to private contractors all over the EU, they are looking for a simple system to centralize booking & payments management. As the requirements fit any car-service “shop” the idea extended to an open app allowing “shops” to signup and potentially extend their network, or use the app on a subscription basis.

Research the problem

During pre-project meetings, we were able to define a few more key points, problems, and basic personas.

  • As the service booking requests go via operator (3rd person), and are based on a manual search & phone calls, the coordination of all requests takes a lot of resources.
  • Contracted “shops” are often not aware of a potential service that may be performed in their location.
  • Fleet car users have to accept a request via phone call and manually most often also call the service place for confirmation. The “fleet” type services still often need a manual document signing, especially in “emergency” cases, causing a lot of complaints.
  • If the service needs an additional charge, the car driver is often forced to use cash 3rd person operator is involved in the payment process.
  • Fleet drivers may often contact service shops on their own which then needs to be arranged afterward.
  • Their internal service shops network uses different booking apps & methods, often paper notebooks at each point.

Find the value

If not the most important step, often overlooked by designers, is a recognition of the key business & value goals we want to achieve with the design. Backed by all the work we have done so far we want to:

  • reduce fleet maintenance services coordination costs
  • improve the fleet costs control & usage overview
  • improve quality and total value by the wide offer of available services
  • centralize and reduce booking & employees management costs
  • raise customers satisfaction by improving the quality of the entire process
  • acquire new customers thanks to private customers’ availability
  • acquire a wide, rich & complete analytics data thanks to the centralized database

Collect Data

As nobody in the team was a real service shop employee, I pulled a real car wash place with a wide offer of services into the discussion. We have presented the concept and shared some “pencil” sketches with their managers and employees. That gave us a better perspective revealing a few more pain points from their side, which were not related to the MVP scope, but should be solved in the project design itself.

Dig the competition. There is plenty we can learn from already existing products serving similar purpose. That’s why I researched, used, tested & trailed a selection of currently available applications.

The project definition

The next step was to utilize all gathered data, information, and findings to create a clear definition of the project plan and deliverables. Our main use cases were:

  • Find, schedule, and complete chosen service – as a car user, in a few clicks book the selected service using the mobile app, no cash, no signing, no car ownership confirmation.
  • Accept, create, change or re-schedule any service – as shop employees use a calendar interface to manage your shop reservations.
Low fidelity mockups

The deliverables

The deliverables list represents the main functional app scheme:

  • Schedule a service
  • Scheduled list
  • Scheduled details
  • Payments
  • Sign In
  • User Details
  • Shops list
  • Shop details
  • Services list
  • Service details

High Fidelity Prototype

Start browsing

The main use case of the app is car fleet service. For the MVP registration may be only provided via the Glowee data center.

From there, users may signup using their car ID and password or device quick authorization flow: finger scan or face id.


Individual users may start browsing without any signup, which will be then presented at the moment of scheduling service and setting payment method.

Shops & Services

Simple, clear lists of shops and services allow easy browsing.

Easy Scheduling

Based on our surveys and research, for the final design scheduling is based on the favorited time period rather a specific hour allowing the service provider to keep flexibility.

Payment Module

Variety of the payments method combined with the signup flow for individual users.

QR Confirmation

Successfully scheduled service contains a QR code compatible with the in-shop scheduling software.

Clickable Prototype

Check an example of clickable prototype made i Adobe XD.