Assembla Marketing Websites – Low-code solutions with WordPress & PHP/HTML is a platform that offers project and code management tools to help teams streamline their workflow and collaborate more effectively. To showcase the platform’s features and benefits, I’ve created marketing websites using a low-code solution in plain & simple HTML code, with a small support from PHP and jQuery.

Simple HTML/PHP Websites

This kind of approach allows to implement any, even abstract designs with relative small resources and in a short time, however it requires to have at least mid level html/css front-end developer working with designers & marketing team, who is able to create a pixel-perfect HTML based on delivered mockups.

As the pages and supporting it framework were so simple the syntax could not be perfect as long as the front-end was pixel perfect to the design. Moreover a bunch of third party software like Hubspot (blog), Frontpage (no-code landing pages) or Intercom (support & sales chat) were implemented within without any problem.

Here are some of the Assembla websites that I’ve created. In this cases I was responsible for most of the design however some of the kudos goes to @jonstovall and @raedcabello as the were involved in the previous iterations of these designs.

MyGet & Cornerstone 4 Websites

Here are two brands that were under the Assembla that time were we have used the same approach.

The low-code approach used to create the website was a cost-effective solution that allowed the team to create a professional-looking website without requiring extensive knowledge of coding. This approach saved time and resources that could be better allocated to other areas of the business.

The website’s design and content were carefully crafted to appeal to Assembla’s target audience. The team focused on highlighting the platform’s key features, such as its powerful project management tools and intuitive code collaboration features. They also included customer testimonials and case studies to showcase the platform’s success in helping teams achieve their goals.

Overall, the marketing website created for is a great example of how low-code solutions can be used to create effective and professional-looking websites. By leveraging the power of WordPress and PHP/HTML, the team was able to create a website that effectively communicated Assembla’s value proposition to its target audience.